Pet’s fit·ness -à propos, aptitude, aptitude pour, forme, habilité, santé

For Cats

To most cats, catnip is a real treat — and so is hind-leg kicking. combines these two favorites for nonstop wrestling and snuggling fun


} Loopies Fish Stix Organic Catnip Toy 

} KONG® Kickeroo™ Wrestling Catnip Cat Toy or @ petSmart

} Our Little Feel Better rolling on Saje’s shopping-bag 

Saje Natural Wellness is dedicated to connecting people to the healing power of plants through natural remedies and 100% natural products that help the body only for human /people.  not  use on animals { But the shopping bag is really safe …Good luck on new Bag} xoxo


snacks & drinks fit’s

funny / crazy milo love enjoy  smell and litt-bit taste of anythings with coconut ..butter,oil.

Most catnip treats with lemongrass KONG® Botanicals Lemongrass Infused Catnip

then milo also joy drink water with 2-3 teaspoon of Purely Natural Organic Lemon grass herb tea @ .gaia garden store


-GREENIES® SmartBites Hairball Control Cat Treat – Tuna

-Big Fan of Ducks- BLUE Wilderness® Grain Free Soft Moist Cat Treat

-BLUE Wilderness Hairball Control snack on


-BLUE Wilderness-Hairball Control

-Halo Rabbit & Garden Greens cans, Duck BLUE Wilderness cans,

 BLUE Basics ducks cans,Nature’s Variety® Instinct



 sleep surface provides comfort, softness, & support for your pooch. LOVE Valentinus. warm

they most well need goodnight sleep more space & a bigger bed ! oxox


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