April Spring morning little bird



         April Spring morning little bird just Hatching own way out in soft warm nest

She is cuties as button could it fly yet ‘too soon’

Unknown she bit different needs, mommy have no one idea how care for her

 DADDY, sing sing sing with her,

Mommy catches the worm for her breakfast plate

Ready for school… yes she very smart

Summer sunny warm school learning how builds a nest  

Falls cold winding when learning how to find foods

when the days are dark and cold, mommy getting all the
Food is hard to find, little bird said too many foods…

Get into her warm nest sleep sleep moon up on us when stars wiggle through nights

Flowers the grass are greens grow, spring bright blue sky

Came the mother bird and tapped her on the head.
she opened up one little eye and this is what was said,
“Come little birds, it’s time to learn to fly, hop, hop, hop
Fly, fly, oh fly away, fly, fly, fly
Fly, fly, oh fly away, fly away so high.
Fly, fly, oh fly away, her can fly the best.
Fly, fly, oh fly away, and now fly back to your nest

When stared when little bird grew-up so fast she learned so much more

One day bright sunny day she tell her mommy,diddy it time me go,

Little bird flew fly fly to sky high she find a place her own

Started new life to Mother Nature


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