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gifts idea best Trick or Treat

smile this Halloween      🙂

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if yo are close or on vacation in San Francisco’s historic

Ghirardelli Square is under spell by {: the Charmed’ was film 

hop on bus/fly down my most Fav EXPLORE: GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is a manufacturer and marketer Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop

Taste smell + @bathandbodyworks they are great pop into bags and if you are looking small things this spooky treat .. if you are looking for yours PUMPKIN s fits/sized patch . Also grew great candles PUMPKIN 3-Wick Candle Sleeve. if love HALLOWEEN-MOSTRER  came up nights withPocketBac Sanitizers..WITCH’S HAT-PocketBac Holder & Gentle Foaming Hand Soap delivers a cloud of luxurious foam that transforms into a rich careful Body Scream –  bubble bath.

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don’t look under the bed  with Wallflowers Fragrance Plug nightLight

pop in yours bags of my great favourite spells daily calendar called

{: Llewellyn’s  

helps keep yours life is change and path/future ..stars loves etc more 

try out this Free apps daily calendar .


New~collections halloween}


Pumpkin to talk about @david’tea’s

No fall day is complete without the combo of pumpkin and spice.

  • teas
  • milk chocolate bark with pumpkin chai
  • cookie

StarBucks introducing the

  • Chile Mocha &  Frappuccino. Creamy and chocolaty with a spicy-sweet kick of chilies, cinnamon and cocoa. )0R  }
  • Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino & Latte ……



___________________thomas sabo.

The Beads included in THOMAS SABO Karma Beds selection have been carefully gentlemen of all styles.looks a rebellious attitude Watches skulls Rebel at heart REBEL ICON Rosé Skull Leather. Enhance their rock’n’roll accents by combining them with the inspired Bead provides an edgy and contemporary feel. Each stone has a meaning, each Karma Bead has a power Perfect also as a meaningful present, each Karma Bead has a special significance and power: BEAD “SKULL WITH LILY” combined with black obsidian and onyx BEAD “SKULLS”  good combining with gold skull and orange pumpkin.

<<<<<<<<<<<<STERLING SILVER Karma Beads>>>>>>the deep blue Lapis Lazuli stands for friendship; the black Matt-polished Obsidian represents wisdom; the Amber Beads give strength and vitality to the wearer, while the Tiger’s Eye Bead helps focus and concentration and the Green Aventurine is the gem for positive thinkers. For the most BEAD DAISY, JASPER C$ 25.50  BEAD SMOKY QUARTZ 




__________________________Pandora ‘s


PASSION Item #796007SRU Metal: Silver Material: Silicone  Color: Pink
Stone: Synthetic Ruby $45.00

HOPE Item #796008MQ   Metal: Silver Material: Silicone Color: White
Stone: Quartz $45.00

FAITH  Item #796006SAM  Metal: Silver Material: Silicone Color: Purple
Stone: Synthetic Amethyst $45.00

LOYALTY Item #796005AQ Metal: Silver  Material: Silicone  Color: Blue
Stone: Aquamarine $45.00

WISDOM Item #796016 Metal: Silver
Material: Silicone $60

DIGNITY Item #796068P
Incorporating a beautiful white cultured pearl, this ESSENCE DIGNITY charm showcases the luminous and glamorous appearance that has made the pearl an emblem of love, happiness and dignity.   Metal: Silver Material: Silicone Color: White
Stone: Freshwater cultured Pearl   $ 65

Taurus Star Sign
Item #791937


Item #796010MAG
$ 45.
Metal: Silver
Material: Silicone
Color: White
Stone: Magnesite

Item #796001AVG
$ 55.
Metal: Silver
Material: Silicone
Color: Green
Stone: Aventurine

Item #796043RRQ
Metal: Silver
Material: Silicone
Color: Pink $ 45
Stone: Reconstructed Rose Quartz

Radiant Hearts, Cerise Crystal & Clear CZ
Item #791725NCC