she lost own love what is

Young girl grew-up in town

she lost  own love what is

Broken heart from the pass with schools/at home

She does not quite fit in

Love I s nothing… don’t undersand…miss so many out

 Risks having teasing every days gone, my hold life

Hurt so bad alike someone punch my heart out

She believe never even know how be women /girl are  

She believes would never find prince in this world

She believes would never make friends/family

Ambitious parents too busy to see my pain

Her’ parents don’t understand 

Lost crying cry heart running away my own birth family

At night she draws a blade across her wrist age 13

When 4 years ago one night I felt something supernatural, my body was cold in side and fever right before Memory my gamma pass-way … I was freak but still I am

Hope fear just let it go from the pass with bad life there

Lets them go, they ever change they don’t like what I dress, looks,

Remember that when kids went home from school in cooking class

With some food for parents try it …..         My family even touches it…

Say mead things, feeling something wrong with me but not … just my family

Just want be happy

She just wants b loved /care

 I am special needs, just little bit /high smart girl 

So many emotions tied up inside her and mind

I am very artist of art painting,peoms,music,cooking/baking,dancing…ect

She writes down her dark thoughts

That who I am

Don’t like me … just walking away


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