aie} 哎哟 Āiyō { ωχ o̱ch} Summer Insects


{ Bad bug season ahead our’s summer’s and also can use be on any  season for everyday. 

lemongrass-health-benefits  b5e357f195c8e09650affb745510def8

4/cups Tea Drink also lemongrass well everyday !

{Also 2 tesp of tea pour into water {pet water dish also its very safe for healing their fur ball } Milo 

Mall’s {

Our popular Bug Off Collection is back, just in time for summer. Lemongrass and Lavender, the blend used in our Bug Off Collection Outdoor Body Care Collection….

it will start between middle  of June- July 2nd just limit in store then start off online store between end of June – Aug !

Where:} click drop here


escents aromatherapy.


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