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Oct 2016

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Frappuccino of the London Fog
TRY something New}

First off, you have to like Earl Grey tea to like this Frappuccino. It’s such an interesting idea that I’m featuring it here, but there are some caveats for this Frappuccino creation. First off, be aware that this will be an expensive drink. Next, don’t spring this on a busy store. Go to a store with friendly baristas during a quiet time in the store. And tip well.

Starbucks Secret Menu: London Fog

To make your Earl Grey Tea a little less depressing, have your

Barista make it a London Fog instead!

Here’s the recipe:

tumblr_mvc95zcwwy1qddfl9o2_250  WendyDarling_VERSA.indd

Earl grey tea semi dry misto

2 pumps of vanilla syrup
2 pumps of caramel syrup (optional)
Let the tea brew for about a minute then remove tea bag. Stir and enjoy!


“This for a Grande

1st- steep 4 Earl Grey tea bags in a short cup
2nd- once steeped, blend with vanilla bean Frappuccino ingredients but…

when adding ingredients into the blender, add the milk first then the tea

(if added the other way, the ice will melt faster and the Frappuccino will be watery)
3rd -add whip.”


Do Y Wanted more:}

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