not getting support ^along with your Siblings

How do you cope it.

when you’re not getting along with your Siblings, you’re not speaking , or  refuses to talk to you? These tips on coping with Siblings when you don’t have a great relationship with your Siblings will help you respect you  while honoring disability’s challenges your own thoughts and feelings. Heartbreaking

1{ you need healing yours self and have bowls ice-cream or etc you feeling help you.

2{ write note,blog,poems,songs about how you feeling a loss and alone with heartbreak. and sent to them if you want to let them know how really affected you.

3.{ Contact them ask them how really affected you. { They have to chose to make –  not or want to part  and will focuses /help   yours disability  life challenges.

4- They have 3 strike or they out yours life ‘{ move  on to find some one to can help you and part yours life.

The truth is challenges is really suck and really affected your 
Siblings with disability . WHY . Some people is too scare to face 
yours life . ex{  scare, how to,or have to learn it in schools, howdo, run away from you, don't care or don't like new changes, or
 dont' understand it or not focuses  let yours self in first line - 
{ thats why so many people don't do it  or not enough people for 
support .
you fall in love, the same areas of your brain affected

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