How to Become an Independent

father/mother or family/caregiver in particular is very controlling. I have to live with them, and constantly berates me mentally and sometimes physically some are not trust them that all. some are not ready be part yours life, you might have to wait until they are ready the big changes. 

Here’s a list of ways to stop your parents from being overprotective so you can become more independent.

1- became a friend someone who ready long time to trust you and yourself and learn with you on yours side . 2- friends will help you find a jobs for you ! 3. pay bills on time .4 – Be healthy choose your own foods and health and fits . 5- full with love when you most enjoy it. 5. became a responsible .

“The more your parents think you are able to take care of yourself in a mature, responsible fashion, the more likely they will be to allow you your freedom. Keeping your parents informed about what is going on in your life can help to ease some of their fears. Simple things, like calling your parents to let them know where you are, can go a long way toward building trust. If you do something to lose their trust, the situation can become more difficult.”

The more open you are with your parents, the more likely they’ll trust you (as long as you’re not doing things that are dangerous, illegal, unhealthy, or immoral!)

Financial responsibility, paying rent and bills on time, saving money to get what I need and want. Short-term goals: research financial options and benefits for young adults, save money to live on your own or buy whatever you want, get a savings or checking account, create a monthly budget. Long-term goals: take a money management course through the public library and get a credit card.



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