noun.something kept+ hidden-unrevealed beforeAfter..going under anesthesia

Six things to know before going under anesthesia

1. Most patients meet their anesthesiologist pre-surgery

2. Most patients receive general anesthesia

3. Each patient’s anesthesia is customized

4. The patient’s prior experience with anesthesia will be taken into account

5. Lighter sedation methods are available

For certain procedures, anesthesiologists can use a lighter form of anesthesia called deep sedation or monitored anesthesia care.

6. Anesthesia won’t make you confess your deepest secrets
“Patients are sometimes concerned about receiving medication that might cause them to say things they regret later,” says Dr. Meisinger.
It’s normal to feel relaxed

After: do or not list’s

Do :

ice /water { any with cold is okay

EX: smoothies,Popsicle;

ice cream – some okay butter use make from coconut milk

soft / moist foods { EX: soup,bread,cracker, bake yams ,pumpkin can

drink lots EX:

apple juices – lots water -vitaminC – naturalCalm ionic magnesium 

eats – lots fruit

yes okay litt walking bit

Stay home:”

relax Get lots of sleep and watching lots tv/movie of yours favourite


small bleeding { little bit okay came out into ears canal { very normal

ringing is okay { very normal

Don’t  not : 

coffee{ it make you body to heal slower { if want okay just have one cup/frappe

in 1 day only in after 5th day  from surgery .

No .cakes/teats/candy ,donut,chips,popcorn

teas{ black

no / cheap heavily food EX: no fast food,pizza

no workout/swimming ,yoga ,running {yours body need to heal

yellow/smell {came out into ears canal not fine call 991*.. call yours ear’s specialist!

Big /running bleeding {see  big or all over of cotton ball  came out into ears canal

not fine call yours ear’s specialist

no- Alcohol ,beer ,wine Sorry