La membrane tympanique:-E I.just Want to throw a tomato at them!

à quelques pas seulement de l'hôpital de la chirurgie hier mon oreille
 " il est Sucks "
nur Schritt aus aus dem Krankenhaus von meinem Ohrchirurgie gestern
 "Es ist zum Kotzen "
 astu ulos sairaalasta minun korvaan vastaanotolla eilen
 "Se on Sucks "
 appena un passo fuori dall'ospedale da un intervento chirurgico di mio orecchio ieri
 "E ' Sucks "
just step out from hospital from my ear's surgery yesterday
 "it's Sucks"

it first it’s feel like  brains freeze having drinking lots of slush

se ensin se tuntuu aivot jäätyä ottaa juo runsaasti sohjon

little bit sore {kipeä} but I’m just ok \ mutta olen aivan ok

little sound noise from my middle ear and never shut up is loud

while ..

i lay down , if when i’m sit up the noise is down more a

soft like a

heart beat

poco rumore suono dal mio orecchio medio e mai chiuso è forte

mentre ..

Mi sdraiai , se quando sto sedere il rumore è giù più di una

morbido come un

battito cardiaco

My medial is lots of time using :

I more using Natural things / some from Your Natural-path clinic

{then dr. drugs because

: they all pills used made from with lots cornstarch/corn:

:not unhealthy most med are with Allergy of corn}

{Watch out with young children/teens:}

some cost of medial and 

some store don’t want to order it  because it my baha very rare 

medial you might have pay/order whole box from the Australian from that store

very cost u lots 😦 

Mon médial est beaucoup de temps à l’aide :

Je plus en utilisant des choses naturelles / certaine de votre naturel – chemin clinique

{ puis dr . médicaments parce

: Ils ont toutes les pilules usagés en fécule de maïs avec beaucoup / maïs :

: non malsaines plupart med sont avec l’allergie de maïs }

{ Attention avec de jeunes enfants / adolescents : }

All moms/dad out there :} be careful , choosing right doctors and right time “

for yours kid .learn yours own mistakes

take me back to my future { little girl about 10 i think }

For me { because i was born with very small ears with small head }

my head are still growing { skin still grown }

i was born with most common dominant syndromic forms of hard hearing loss

I’m; symptoms and treatments too young age so many surgery some are most

mistakes where yours parent are unknown or unsure what to do , don’t make same mistakes  when my  parent  with new doctor is very new of this . and early

I’m’ very too young have it an my first {Bone-anchored hearing aid}
Baha aid in Kelowna Okanagan . thats is mistakes . Because my head are still growing { skin still grown } at that time”

then i’ had 2nd one is little higher then my first one button

over few year later i had most  causing some degree of problems with

my baha button i had skin growing on top button

Now i’m older i know that now is better medial out

i had very trouble with right  my baha button is little lose

because the

skin still grown into baha button try going through  my inner ear  canal}

bad .. then i had to other skin /ear  surgery “yesterday”

because Attention mistakes All moms/dad out there :}

Please don’t do it when yours kid ,or baby are getting involves invasive surgery which carries a risk of complications, although when complications do occur, they are usually minor for { Bone-anchored hearing aid} or Cochlear implant or any thing implant it might cost more  surgery when she/he getting older ,adult . be careful .

some time right time and right doctor knew more about it : even into right clinic/hospital area into country and cost of years of medial.

because in kelowna back then my old doctor don’t even know its work or not

or just new of this .

i’m first one in bc Kelowna Okanagan . thats is mistakes