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mix young adults with disabilities and without for hangout

Vancouver, BC
29 open mind

I’m looking to meet new people to go out with in the age group of 18-35. I am very independent and looking for others who are independent and want to do stuff – this is an ope…

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 I was born in BC.Canada.
 04/27/87 Taurus,rabbit&beaver i'm Witch


Carrie L Derickson

Fathcal easter

cooltext1949962978 cooltext1949972371
im born with hard hearing loss
i love art,scrap-booking,music,dancing,doing anything
fav:tv/movies- (tv) supernatural,smallville,all cw… the dudesons, jackass,dark angle,buffy,etc: (movies)disney,harry potter,memo,iam bigfan of horror, action, adventure& comedy likePirates of the Caribbean and etc:.
fav:music- the Moffatts, Hidell, SameSame, Scott moffatt ,Dave moffatt the Hanson,Nsync,BSB,B2k,Him,69eyes,ACDC/Foreigner ,Disney too, rock,dance,hippop…etc{Black Hawk – Thats Just About Right }~Dudeson Soundtrack{Damn Seagulls-Once Upon A Time}

Sarah Michelle Gellar ,wJR/chantal Robson,O rlando B,Paul walker,Drew Barrymore/Jim Carrey and bam margera also….
Steve Harvey,Christopher Jones,Robert Hoffman , The Dudesons
fav: Directors) wade J Robson/Chris Stokes/Shawn Welling


 Well enough about me. I want to know about you!




earth-06-june.gifTaurus star family—–

Channing Tatum 26Channing Tatum 26 tom welling26 tom welling26

then my brithday

Jessica Alba28 Jessica Alba28

lance bass may4 lance bass may4 John Gotti Agnello may5John Gotti.A may5

tony-hawk may 12 tony-hawk may 12
jason acuna may16 jason acuna may16



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