country Home looks but inside is very different to tell my story when u walk in .


i really don’t k this might happen ?


{ Also  acquard-damask-rug turquoise ……its 1 bedroom {Hunted M{Nightmare/ Bigger fan of Tim Burton ..

with the washer and dryer into a walk-in closet big .

.with in bathroom is small bowl of  AMETHYST Gemstone slab


a make Crystal Bathtub {Crystal rock just cut it half … with waterfall  up top .greens


other bedroom is -Irish/Scottish plaid

with small closet .


surf broad small table ..for living room bring California

moto /cross tables ?


a library  room /office works / compurters / write ink work

feel old looks with little old fossil dinosaur,sharks,stone ,etc

with  Mickey Mouse-printed armchairs  and leather beach

Fan Disney ‘s

Ranging from $39 to $1,599, the collection preview features Mickey Mouse-printed armchairs … ethan-allen-disney-coll




Walk into other room will be Music room /dance floor

pino …might upstirs or beside library ?


kitchen : big full and room for cook and baking lots room for cutting..dishwasher ….a space for tea/coffee, drinks  bar .is a softs country  luxury California feel with countertops AMETHYST Gemstone slab majestic-gemstone …


if you walk out to living room into a pice of space family dinning / with fireplace /into garden patch  pumpkin,apples ,plum tree .. herbs ..

table is long nation canoes – story of girl meet crows/raven – have  feel old fairy ,charming warmth ,healing . alike new  cinderella or beauty beast.


storage space might be make the library hide steret