wee oh an crap , x-mas on his way  early. so i just dotted on ex -mas  lists gift idea to my f amily

thanks giving this weekend on way Sale @chapters.indigo.  its’ had great idea and birthday girl into adult.  idea come-up in Nov. pick quick ships wrap..

it list of books for exFamily {mom,Dad } for


good skills thats how to communicate to learn it and grow and money ,trust . also let go their fears .in my future may i might thinks might good but i really don’t know anymore … i still wait hear sorry .  i might write story about it.

books- irish doctor


buffy  & angel}

when i was kids my first is Casper and scooby do – Disney ‘s halloween films .my early teen i was Fan watch all vampire shows util now …

hope to pass on to lucy ..

litt fear ok but remember sometime in life you will need

let go all yours fears ..let go let go .