Y esterday its was very sprizd for me & its  around 3.35sh just got call back from my worker that he just got such good news from my wonderful Audiologist. thats my }Audiologist { she said got it to get me new aids  🙂     by 3rd party . i was so shock and i was crying so much . left my thats wight off my shoulder , in my head its still shock that because i didn’t know if this country canada hav any hope for me. i think my self that my Audiologist try get and asking ..they got very jck twice from the Mistry & the bands.. and 3rd party said big Yes 

feeling thats the waiting too long and ? over few months y.

 Thank u

my Audiologist

        u are very magical 


rain night i just look alike a wet cat , light wer’e out > before Celebrate at home

i was running over metro,downtown,richmond centre ..


  • pumpkin latte
  • pumpkin pie filling/whips
  • candies bears champagne
  • lemon,strawberries crape
  • mushroom burger
  • with brought new candle ,holder {PumpinFireside

                               { it’s long nights } spooky 

#BCStorm #bchydro power is out..Guess warmest candle smell like #pumpkinFIRESIDE @bathbodyworks just turn it on🕯 https://t.co/dH5eOJJJfF

It’s back on #candlelight with my spells #magical @LlewellynBooks #llewellyn with #PumpkinFIRESIDE 🤓🎃taste shadow🌧🌫 https://t.co/EnWHAdBQXB


@NexGen Hearing