celebrate with delicious inspired by seasonal leaves falling to ground and toast local Wine taste of pumpkins an walk to door to door step of touch cranberry out & you are running Turkey ‘s shopping with no head cut off .

!.Be warned Pumpkin everywhere


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Introducing our NEW fall feature cocktail. Rediscover those moments that warm you from inside: an open fire, a cozy knit and a Perfect Storm. good with PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE Everyone’s fall favourite. With warm spices, toasted walnuts, caramel sauce and hand whipped cream. Try it before it’s too late.


-A global menu with modern versions of ethnic cuisine staples house made creamy spiced pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust, fresh whipped cream and topped with a light coating of cinnamon sugar with Cajun Chicken Ingredients
blackened double breast of chicken, garlic butter, warm potato salad, coleslaw Roasted cajun chicken breast served with our famous coleslaw and warm herbed potato salad that pairs perfectly with the freshness of dill and a hint of savory bacon. The ultimate comfort food.


winemaker at Sumac Ridge, worked with Executive Chef Danny Markowicz and the White Spot team to handpick our Harvest red and white blends, to pair perfectly with Exotic Mushroom Flatbread -Rosemary garlic exotic mushrooms, gouda & mozzarella cheese, bacon, roasted onion & apple purée with fresh arugula. Harvest Salad – Crunchy local kale & shredded brussel sprouts, red onion, radish, crispy bacon, lemon chargrilled BC chicken, creamy peach vinaigrette with chargrilled corn on the cob & spicy pickled cauliflower. Garlic Panini bread. Forest Mushroom Bigger Burger -Aged white Cheddar, rosemary garlic exotic mushrooms, balsamic glazed vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh arugula, roasted onion & bacon aioli on our 6oz. 100% fresh Canadian beef burger. Served with local creamy coleslaw & ‘endless’ signature Kennebec fries. Pumpkin Spiced Turkey Drumstick -Locally grown smashed Yukon Gold potatoes served with a succotash* of sautéed sweet corn, red peppers, carrots, local brussel sprouts & kale with our oven-roasted pumpkin spiced BBQ turkey drumstick. & i don’t know why they have peach pie? not pumpkin ?