milo & i are getting ready for autumn this years . milo ready a adventure? running around heating being new clear falls . for me take adventure trip in this month Sept 18-25. running around up & downtown Vancouver,bc try finding out and getting need to get for this cruise & san francisco .

@david’tea   where Falls/Outdoors Collection  of greats tea’s& Accessories  .. 

  • NEW’s pumpkin chai skinny tin
    A sweet black tea spiced with caramel, pumpkin candies, cinnamon and cloves. BUT} too cute }{ i hav pumpkin chai need to finish cans at home from lasts years.then brought the new after.
  • i try: & buy carrot cupcake
    This sweet, creamy blend of carrots and warming spices is a real fall treat. andpom cider sachets
    This comforting cider combines sweet black tea, apple and tart pomegranate.and
  • i so love New fox infuser
    A stainless steel and silicone infuser shaped like a fox. bear infuser
    A stainless steel and silicone infuser shaped like a bear.
  • back to reality Get back to the daily grind with energizing teas and take-anywhere accessories. i like the my new superman/girl is super charge
    This sweet, energizing mix of green maté, black tea and guarana seeds packs a punch.
  • hibiscus cat infuser A stainless steel with paw print around it and silicone infuser shaped like a cat.too cute.
  • brought 2 shark infuser..from shark weeks in july/june..  Seriously, just try not to smile with this toothy guy peeking out from the top of your mug. But we love it for more than its looks – it also makes an exceptionally tasty cup of tea. The stainless steel infuser is super-finely perforated, so it won’t let even the smallest leaf through. And the silicone topper is hollowed out.

*SUN -“need get @sephore

Fresh $25 
Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30