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super charge

Ready to grow some wings? This powerhouse concoction should do the trick. It’s got green maté to keep you energized and focused all day long. Rich black tea for an extra caffeine kick. And if that wasn’t enough, we added South American guarana seeds for an extra boost. And with next to no calories, this sweet and fruity tea is like a guilt-free take on a classic energy drink. One sip and you’ll be zooming through all-nighters, powering through meetings and getting the kids ready for school in no time flat. If this doesn’t get you flying through your to-do list, we don’t know what will.


guarana seeds
Guarana seeds

goji berries
Goji berries


Black tea, green maté, guarana seeds, goji berries, sweet blackberry leaf, licorice root, blueberries, artificial flavour.