so this suck just

Dear }


i having hard time with communication skills with you.  i know you were miss out of learning how to  communication skills . and i know you having hard time to  communication skills in with yours financial skills . having skills to understand hows yours younger look into the mirror but you need take that big risk to stop act being young and started to take role for responsibility transform into adult/parents. let the fear go  and started learn how to feeling/emotional to communication . let go from the past .


Dears” letters

Cousins ,Uncles,Aunts,Nephew & Niece and my last Grandparent from proud family & Derickson/Derricksan …’s family

communication skills is hou trouble in ours family and something in life we need to have to learn how feeling/emotional  communication together example:

communication  loss,grif and power/past,fears, and family/friends .. and sometime a family example : if that have same things/common or doing same symptoms diagnosis/cycle it past down to that person in the family …

yes we all need know some history  example : sickess ,healing , health  to learn it past history and stop being same symptoms diagnosis/cycle to not past down to thats family in their future .

one day at time this not end to you .

you will get some closer from family in after life help to grow