• chop apples
  • pull-out seed out of prune 
  • then add water to boil into saucepan about 15-20mins
  • drain, into other saucepan /or cools jars 


enjoy if u wanna make it more inert

choose:{ Add

  • orange,
  • apple,  – smoothies
  • grape,
  • cherry 
  • chocolate   – smoothies
  • teas  – smoothies
  • milk
  •  coconut milk  – smoothies
  • water 
  • coffee /or /Coffee Substitute with Dandy Blend   – smoothies
  • ice – smoothies
  • calm-ionic magnesium powder
  • hempHeart seeds -raw
  • protein smoothies powder favour -vega
  • etc 🙂 

{Tea’s kind {  @https://www.davidstea.com

blue:: for mix it all up  :::


sweet ginger heat} A sweet and spicy blend of ginger, green tea, licorice and orange peel.

detox }A rejuvenating blend of rooibos sencha, ginger, ginkgo, lemongrass and juniper.

cherry blossom } If you’ve been to Japan in the spring, then you know about the cherry blossoms.

fabulous fennel A sweet and comforting blend of fennel, cinnamon, anise and cardamom.

guava cadabra This delicate pink tisane blends guava with mango and apple.

espresso yourself
It doesn’t get more satisfying than this rich, java-inspired blend of black tea, roas.


matcha “matsu” }Mix this powdered green tea into smoothies, lattes and milkshakes.

ginger beer

With warming ginger and sweet apple, this is our take on the classic soft drink.

buttered rum
Indulge your inner pirate with this blend of black tea, coconut and vanilla.

apple strudel
A sweet and comforting black tea with apple, coconut and almonds.

::: @saje 

detox } 

@ http://www.soirette.com

Pink Champagne
A fresh, floral and delicate white tea that is “painted red” with raspberry and champagne flavour, and then sprinkled with safflowers.





Staying hydrated is a great way to protect your organs. But drinking eight glasses of water a day can get old fast, so switch it up with prune juice. Constipation isn’t fun for anyone, but prune juice may be the best thing for your tummy troubles.This can help to soften the stools, making them easier to pass. Insoluble fiber passes through the intestines almost unchanged but it helps to keep the intestinal muscles strong, as the intestinal muscles must work to push it through.