Dream entertainment news

push us forward the front of yours own tv screen or big screen .

Thanks America ❤

big changes learn with us with any kind disabilities with ours love hope freedom ours dream com true .

On TV:

Born This Way

In the series premiere, seven young adults diagnosed with Down syndrome meet. 

Watch it: http://asdl.us/born-this-way-s01e01-up-syndrome/

click in back at same link/page- but stroll down see the next Episodes every once of late Tues / wed ..

or ”

BORN THIS WAY first episode now on line at A&E website. Meet the STARS!



The Sunshine Foundation of Canada ‘

have great trips “learn ‘ fun’



All of the #SunshineDreamLift items are being sorted for the kids tonight! So close to a magical day of adventures!

Posted by The Sunshine Foundation of Canada on Tuesday, December 8, 2015