Cherish those who seek the truth but beware
of those who find it

two day nov 12 / 11 

chère maman  { dear mom}
break my heart ,my heart broken piece , you Will ever know about my life if you think u don't see the big picture and if some one try tell you something get rumor out of you way . maybe you go straight to your mirror look at yours self & think it and maybe you need be careful who are yours  towns,family,friend  is might not be loyal to you or tell thrash about someone .don't listen to them .Who Should you trust ???
i know this very challenge for ever one  and family/friend to u .

i’m allway be right path

Now – it might take little to hold off just a while longer while get bad to  get good



🕸🌪 some Landord mean Too perfect 😤🌪