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READ {it suck very stick in Canada i ever be Canadian  public! and they are not had much public!  for helping them for doing teach more an Independent for free cost  or hiring for whole wage . that is cross ours line and unfair , and also we had right make more money then normal person .  

when I order my menu then after ate last meal or any where “starbuck coffee}ex..… whats happen when the bills came up … i show my card ask me wait might ask with there boss about card. I finish my pay it .

i ask them why ? Because some people leave on the table didn’t not had money with in the card. . soo iI’am very piss off with people had fake cards  or any like thats .. its not ok to do thats hows stupid and laws ..

it un fair with us with people with Developmental Disabilities in canada ! Because we also had rules,laws we have to follow .

Because disability also have very low income .. its very un fair not right cross with us disability is very hard understanding .. very hard time getting a jobs,place,medial and worker/per hours with not cheap how ours funding in ours world work .it’s very different in usa or other country laws and we don’t have much freedom very less things and with very slow public service.

People need ask you self whats wrong with you and look into the fucking mirror .You will need get help ! Ive Blame on you public people and service!

you needs to stop get fake card,

if you are new into town/country you will need understanding about people with Developmental Disabilities ‘s laws in Canada ! Before you enter ours country .

you Will need to learn you must follow the rules laws and must pay yours Tax !

we are have right with laws for public!

Be nice with Developmental Disabilities don’t bulled them or scare/shy be around them!

… get understanding about people with Developmental Disabilities and getting involved into service, in community and college/art ,acting … help them with homework/ Be a friend with them .teaching politics people to learn understanding about people with Developmental Disabilities how to talk! Change ours world to be Easier life.

Everyday,years go by you will to understanding we living on hell earth but also in world very dark bad place . public people need get help and get change .

Trust is big things with us! take much longer to trust

Thanks you understanding this note!