this morning {}

I had fight with yell at my cat(Milo  bit me .. i ask him WHY?

so i was fucking piss off at him ,i told him don’t doing might infected

i hope i had right /fast treatment {while the store open .. i hate Canada time open .. unfair.

  • went bleed litt
  • put some essential oil outdoors/with lemongrass lavender around not too close to my eyes :{ it’s SUCK
  • boiled water with 3 different green tea -because my nathural path is close until next week.:(
    • Disney Wonderland green tea JASMINE” thenThe 2nd{ Davidtea Organic Detox with litt lemongrass  into two different pad .
  • then put them on my eyes ..longTime

i was lucky found my eyes tea compress recipes- from the while ago might last year i thinks from my nathural path{

i just found out shopping 


any store – find its -Whole food .7am-??

Eyebright herb -comfrey root powder -Goldenseal root powder
All them into same name brand for less i think $$ {

other one is Organic Eyebright Herb Tea

Cat’s Claw Bark Tea

Organic Goldenseal Tea

Eyebright herb -comfrey root powder -Goldenseal root powder. All them into same shop . . But one of Goldenseal root powder  is lots more $$$ AT{

Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary
2672 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
V6K 2G3 -Open 10am

Eyes tea compress recipes”

  1. Eyebright herb -1 tablespoon

  2. comfrey root powder -1/2 tablespoon

  3. Goldenseal root powder – 1/2 tablespoon

  4. boil and put on eye ..

 I went other place: of herb on broadway called finlandia pharmacy….

other Eyes tea compress recipes”

  1. comfrey root powder -1/2 tablespoon

  2. calendula flowers -1 tablespoon

  3. if u want to{ silk dragon jasmine -1/2 tablespoon

boil and put on eye ..




LastNight i also had fight my brother on phone -about he choose his self not help me be there with me or move to vancouverhe never understand my disability world we don’t have freeing “he had choose ?

my family need help .


also my jobs is canled last week:(