I just brought new pandora charm ‘s disney

1st is Disney’s CINDERELLA PUMPKIN COACH SILVER CHARM WITH 14K AND CUBIC ZIRCONIA{ @za87 @richmondcenter @pandora 


i try look all over AT pandora’s store } Because they said it’s might be DISCONTINUED soon . 😦 But i was lucky i found it at ebay

Remember me when i was 6 age i was first girl with disability of Okanagan in 1993′

With sunshine foundation dream lift without my parents !

gone first time went to disney ‘s land that’s why i brought a sunshine charm to remember thats my first disability Independent ..

over year’s of Magic

i learned thats dance.Arts/movies/tv’s  make us more ours 

Independent Living Thanks.you 

info@ sunshine.ca/dreamlift

ABC family disney & universal studios hollywood film  Film/arts and Music industry & dance industry. ❤