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Warm { Ghirardelli Mocha HOT COCO

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Ghirardelli Mocha smoothies 

– 2-3 teaspoon Ghirardelli Mocha hot coco
– 5-9 spoonful of fruit mix at whole food and add banana get soft !
– add 1/3 cup of coconut mik

{ then Blenders / Drink Mixers it mix i up {

NEW try it SAFEY then coffee bean !

dandelion coffee substitute

,,, dandelion coffee substituteRecipe’s

Zip % Why Ghirardelli or it Mocha and will i ask ..Or why

i try other kinds of chocolate company and did not work out on me

 i ask all these years.

Because guess  – what my truth is this Home of beautiful America company called Ghirardelli chocolate }Love and will change your life i know it’s sound  crazy .

Because they use most of them are caffein init most ours body need caffein in Foods side ours  tummy to move our bowl moving . 

what is different  – a cup- or more hot coffee  between of caffein in foods or teas ,into smoothies ? Because  

in a cup coffee is only work yours brains and mind or some people fell sleep .

but caffein will work on only force on yours tummy or others word is  losing weight 🙂