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Baking goods…

Cameran Collage 2015

First what you need :*

Brownie’s mix Box with frosted  {Store
other creamy frosted Chocolate {Store

egg1, oil 

(Best & Better/easy
Ghirardelli  chocolate -60% bittersweet chips {Whole food or any USA store
1/3 cup of any kinds of tea or water
one piece STRAWBERRY {wash,cut
4 big piece of butter’s MARSHMALLOWS or ANY KIND

davidTea ‘s milk chocolate with love tea #7 or any kind david tea chocolate!

Oreo cookies {any kinds

Then follower the box ,poor in the cake pan in little half way add yours favourite Oreo cookies in the cake pan and poor more brownies mix into the cake pan then bake it; lets out for 10-20mins let’s cool…

While thats set… in sauce pan poor in 1/2 cup of any kinds of tea or water , then add Ghirardelli chocolate -60% bittersweet chips  on low heat about 6-10 mins,then off the heat And add creamy chocolate frosted in pan Mix it up with spoon..

with in poor into the cake pan and put into fridge about 30-34mins then while set .. Cut into small piece of marshmallow into other pan or sauce pan with small teaspoon of water ,heat in low about 5-7 mins … poor into the same cake pan then put it back to fridge about 25-30 mins. Chop up strawberry, and david tea chocolate on top the cake pan … Enjoy with your  brownies