had cat name Milo he always here step way each day I m proud of him growing so character

and loving. 3months I had ears pain and baha it suck in needs world so different need so support getting finding for things in life . Learn life skill . 2011,march,6 I had so much pain in my ears and baha so I went next day “today i just went to Connect Hearing Clinic and he say my first one is my screw is looing with pain, he say that when i going on thur see doctor fix it tell him about the caps … also in march i am going see him for hearing test for free. he saying about the first nation for funding to getting new different better baha aids .. so i dont if that happen or not. now feeling sickmy head hurt about this why i have hearing loss why mom,dad , so hard understand. in vancouver they better doctor here they new stuff see better. better then in kelowna .will you tell me what happen my first one done then tell me about the 2nd done? and why ? please. thanks carrie”. I wrote that to my mom. My mom sent “

carrie, yoyu have to undersatand nyou are loosing your speech. AND Acoording to your sydry mom, it;s normal, but you are not pr”. and I could have told you you have an ear infection. You have two different size of srews, because you ear size is different. one is higher one is lower.
on same weeks on thur went doctor today say that i have one ear intfr ,and my first short screw is infr .ear and screw is together but it different side , weird so i was my ear canal . so now i just put stuffed in it. if not work it may he say put in taller screw in then short. so wait see it . I m going to see him again next week . every thing is good