on tes i went find an old gravesite in west kelowna..

an old dirt path  tomat gravesite in jubilee trillerpark ?  i went there  it lock i cant not open it.. somone had a key….
maybe can find out more and tell them any derickson,derrickson ect in my family…. who die gravesite any where bc or coss canada,world

i wish that when before 4 years ago if can ask my gramma

mary margaret derr~ when she pass way ..

i still miss her .. wish she help our family to keeping

closser ..but now it fall part each day… but also my

grapapa thinks he still here so fealt something in my

parent place in my  old bed room downstire…

but now when i move out my brother live in that

 room\\ had lunch/   sun/rain / sad that no one had didnt

open it to gravesite.help}